Sister Code

Sister CodeRelease Date:  5/8/15 (In Theaters – Limited)
Genre:  Comedy/Drama
Rating:  R
Running Time:  84 mins.
Studio: A I R Media, GVN Releasing
Director:  Corey Grant

Cast:  Amber Rose (Lexi), Eva Marcille (Sheila), Drew Sidora (Lavae), Marcus T. Paulk (Lil Danger), Don Hale, Jr. (Brian), Anne-Marie Johnson (Mama Layne), Amin Joseph (Thomas), Sade Kimora Young (Young Sheila), Asia Monet Ray (Young Lexi), Laya DeLeon Hayes (Young Lavae), Essence Atkins (Corrine Wells), Erica Ash (Jamaya).

Story:  Sister Code is the funny and touching story of three foster sisters with drastically different personalities, living together in Los Angeles. Amber Rose plays Lexi, the free-spirited artist; Eva Marcille is Sheila, the corporate killer with a soft side, and Drew Sidora works her magic as Lavae, the glue that keeps the family together.

With the revered matriarch of the family gone, the James girls must learn to navigate the choppy waters of love, life and sisterhood without her. And when a tragic sisterly secret is revealed, they must learn to dig deep, put their differences aside, and tap into that never-ending bond instilled in them by their beloved foster mother.

Through it all, our three sisters will grow closer, love harder, and ultimately prove that mama James was right all along… blood may be thicker than water, but love is thicker than everything. The story of the James sisters will inspire all of us to celebrate the most important people in our lives: our family.  Source:, official site; IMDB.


90 Minutes Of The Fever

90 Minutes of the Fever
Status:  Post-Production
Release Date:  2015 (Tentative)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time:  Unknown
Studio(s):  90 Minutes of the Fever, Make It Happen Entertainment.
Director:  Michael Sean Hall

Cast:  Glenn Plummer (Clarence McGhee, Sr.), Marcus Paulk (Clarence, Jr.), Parker McKenna Posey (Crystal), Ski Carr (Uncle Glenn), Cristian Fagins (Evan), Marie-Francoise Theodore (Carmen), Stewart Flores (Marco).

Story:  One family’s long kept secrets boil to the surface while they are trapped in a house as the end of the world seemingly approaches…

It’s Jackpot Sunday, and the countdown is on as California is preparing to shell out the biggest jackpot in U.S. history to this year’s lucky winner: one billion dollars.

Clarence Sr. and his family, the McGee’s, a middle class African-American family, are at home for a BBQ awaiting the big announcement. Clarence Sr. is sure he’s tonight’s winner…just like he’s been every Sunday for the past 10 years. As the lottery numbers are being picked, the telecast is interrupted by an emergency broadcast system alerting the country that martial law has suddenly been enacted nationwide.

A mysterious computer virus has taken over the phones, the radio, and the Internet, replacing every airwave with a ticking countdown that starts at 90 minutes.

Things get even more confusing when the McGee’s brother-in-law, bloody and bruised, comes to them with reports of something coming… Something so horrific that he can’t even speak about what he witnessed; only that he knows it’s coming for them all.

As chaos ensues on the outside, the McGee’s once peaceful home turns into a pressure cooker. Long-held family secrets and lies rise to the surface, culminating into the devastating truth that’s revealed as the clock ticks down to zero. Source(s): IMDB,, official site.

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Where Children Play

Where Children PlayRelease Date:  12/1/15 (DVD)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 106 mins.
Studio: Turning Point Pictures
Director:  Leila Djansi

Cast:  Brian White (Jeremy Spencer), Teyonah Parris (Bellissima McCain), Leon (David McCain), Macy Gray (Helen Harold), Edwina Findley Dickerson (Gayle McCain), Miranda Bailey (Paige), Kylee Russell (Ruby).

Story:  Film centers on a young woman who extricates herself from a violent family situation in an act of self-preservation but to find herself, she must face her fears. Estranged from her family for ten years, Bellissima, ‘Bell’ Mccain, returns to Compton for her mother’s funeral and then is forced to stay and care for her sick father. The house becomes flooded not only with vivid memories of the abuse doled out by the very man whom Bell must nurse, but also her teenage sister, Ruby, who had died in the house has long awaited Bell’s return. Source(s): IMDB, Blackflix.



Details:  On 4/5/15, The Wrap reported that Where Children Play has been acquired by the Urban Movie Channel.  The film is slated for a limited theatrical release in June and will also run on the Urban Movie Channel.  Source:  The Wrap.

Flyy Girl

Flyy Girl book coverStatus:  Development Unknown (as of 1/6/17)
Release Date:  TBA
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Studio: Codeblack Films, Duly Noted, Lionsgate
Director:  Felicia D. Henderson
Cast:  Sanaa Lathan (rumored)

Update:  On 6/10/15, The Tracking Board wrote that Sanaa Lathan is set to star in the Flyy Girl adaptation for Lionsgate.  In February it was announced that Effie Brown, producer of the Sundance hit Dear White People, had signed on to produce via her company Duly Noted.  She joins Paul Hall, Quincy Newell and Jeff Clanagan in bringing the Nicole Jefferson-Asher scripted project to life.


Details:  On 7/17/13, The Hollywood Reporter stated that Lionsgate’s Codeblack Films has picked up the rights to Flyy Girl, a popular book trilogy by Omar Tyree. The trilogy, which has grossed more than $30 million worldwide through Simon & Schuster, follows a young African-American woman coming of age during the 1980s. Obsessed with the material world, Tracy Ellison falls into a cycle of gratuitous sex and heartbreak. Source: The Hollywood Reporter.