The Rich List

Bet on Lovea/k/a Bet On Love
a/k/a Humantics: The Rich List

Status:  Pre-Production (as of 2/17/17)
Release Date:  TBA
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Rating: Not Available
Running Time: 110 mins.
Studio: 34th Street Films
Director: Jill Thrussell

Cast: Lance Gross (James) – rumored
Brandy Norwood (Lynette) – rumored
Starletta DuPois (Aunt May) – rumored

Story: Four female friends set a bet; each has a different method and approach on how to reach their goal. As they journey through the pathways of love, they share moments of pleasure and pain. As their friendship grows through the weathering of the many storms life throws their way. They meet for regular progress reports & hilarity ensues when a couple of male friends also participate in their quest.  (Synopsis taken from IMDB).

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