Upcoming Films

The following is a list of upcoming Black films.  These titles are expected to be released in any one or combination of formats including direct-to-theaters, DVD (after theatrical release), direct-to-video (including video-on-demand and streaming), made-for TV/Cable or to be previewed at national film festivals.

The movie release schedule is preliminary and subject to change.


Night School (1/1/19; DVD)

Monsters and Men (1/8/19; DVD)

Three’s Complicated (1/13/19; TV One)

Canal Street (1/18/19; In Theaters)

The Hate U Give (1/22/19; DVD)

Love & Drugs (1/22/19; DVD)

Native Son (1/24/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Premature (1/26/19; Sundance Film Festival)

The Last Black Man in San Francisco (1/26/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Clemency (1/27/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Mope (1/27/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Luce (1/27/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Selah And The Spades (1/27/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Relive (1/27/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Sweetheart (1/28/19; Sundance Film Festival)

Slice (1/29/19; DVD)


Troop Zero (2/1/19; Sundance Film Festival)

American Soul (2/5/19; Premiere TV One)

Widows (2/5/19; DVD)

What Men Want (2/8/19; In Theaters)

Nobody’s Fool (2/12/19; DVD)

MARCH 2019

Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral (3/1/19; In Theaters)

Creed 2 (3/5/19; DVD)

Us (3/15/19; In Theaters)

APRIL 2019

The Intruder (4/26/19; In Theaters)

MAY 2019

The Sun Is Also A Star (5/17/19; In Theaters)

JUNE 2019

Shaft (6/14/19; In Theaters)

JULY 2019

Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends (7/26/19; In Theaters)


Bad Boys For Life (1/17/20; In Theaters)


For a list of Black movies in production see our Rumored or Announced Projects page.


See our About Us page for information regarding this site’s criteria of what constitutes Black film.  Please feel free to contact us with updates, errors or omissions.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming Films

  1. I would like old black cast movie, starring Lena Horne, Rachesther, Amos and Andy to show my grandchildren, they no nothing about black film history.

    • Hello Mr. Wilson. You might consider watching “Pioneers of African American Cinema” with your grandchildren. The collection is available on Netflix or DVD and includes more than 20 films made for black audiences between 1915 to 1946.

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