12 Days of Christmas:  Day 1 – The Preacher’s Wife

Release Date:  12/13/96
Genre:  Drama/Fantasy
Rating:  PG
Director:  Penny Marshall
Studio(s):  Mundy Lane Entertainment, Parkway Productions, The Samuel Goldwyn Co., Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures, American Broadcasting Company (ABC).
Running Time:  123 mins.

Cast:  Denzel Washington (Dudley), Whitney Houston (Julia Biggs), Courtney B. Vance (Reverend Henry Biggs), Gregory Hines (Joe Hamilton), Jenifer Lewis (Margueritte Coleman), Loretta Devine (Beverly), Justin Pierre Edmund (Jeremiah Biggs), Lionel Richie (Britsloe).

Story:  An angel wonders if love can be Heaven on Earth in this family-themed romantic fantasy. Rev. Henry Biggs (Courtney B. Vance) is the pastor of a struggling Baptist church in a poor section of New York City. Biggs is devoted to serving his flock and his community, but things are not easy; membership is down, money is tight, the furnace is broken, and real estate mogul Joe Hamilton (Gregory Hines) wants to buy the property and put up condominiums. The strain is taking its toll on Biggs’ marriage to his childhood sweetheart Julia (Whitney Houston), and in a moment of desperation, he prays to the Lord for help. The prayer is answered in the form of Dudley (Denzel Washington), an angel sent to earth to assist Biggs. The preacher doesn’t believe that Dudley is a divine being, but he’ll take any help he can get, while Julia, who thinks that Dudley is just another community volunteer, welcomes him into their home. However, Dudley is sidetracked in his earthly mission when he finds himself falling in love with Julia.  Source:  Allmovie.com; IMDB;Torrent.


12 Days of Christmas:  Day 2 – Throwback Holiday

Release Date:   12/15/18; BET

Genre:  Comedy/Drama

Rating:  NR

Director:   Trey Haley

Studio(s):   Throwback Film, Tri Destined Studios, Deep C Digital, Black Waterhorse

Running Time:  120 mins.

Cast:  Jennifer Freeman (Jacqueline Grant), Robert Ri’chard (Aaron Tucker), Rhyon Nicole Brown (Rosalyn Ross), Jean Elie (Daniel Grant), Vanessa Bell Calloway (Mildred Anderson), KJ Smith (Kimberly Wiggins), Vanessa Paul (Lady Beggar), Jay Reeves (Mike Weaver), Kareem J. Grimes (Paul), Kennedy Stephens (Sydney Grant), Jaies Baptiste (Madeline), Isaiah Russell-Bailey (Justin Grant).

Story:   In high school Jacqueline was the “it” girl who dated the “it” boy whom she eventually married.  Now she’s in a quarter-life crisis, an unfulfilled life, and a doomed marriage with a spoiled kid to boot.  After a chance encounter with a handsome former classmate, Jacqueline rethinks her life.  For a fleeting moment, she wishes to go back to high school for a do-over…and she does.  Source(s):  Prime Video; IMDB.


12 Days of Christmas:  Day 3 – The Kid Who Loved Christmas

Release Date:  12/14/90; CBS
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  TV-PG
Director:  Arthur Allan Seidelman
Studio(s):  Eddie Murphy Productions, Paramount Television
Running Time:  97 mins.

Cast:  Cicely Tyson (Etta), Michael Warren (Tony Parks), Trent Cameron (Reggie), Sammy Davis Jr. (Sideman), Della Reese (Alicia Slater), Esther Rolle (Esther Clayton), Ben Vereen Morris), Vanessa Williams (Lynette Parks), Charlie Murphy, Gilbert Lewis, Ken Page.

Story:  This very touching Christmas story is about young orphan Reggie (Trent Cameron) who finally gets a new father. But, the father is a traveling musician, and the adoption agency decides that he is not the right choice. Reggie is again in a foster home and is determined to join his musician father for the holidays. Looking for an answer to his dream, Reggie goes to the local department store Santa (Jimmy Carville) for help. Will Santa perform the miracle? This film, co-produced by Eddie Murphy, was Sammy Davis Jr.’s last film appearance.  Sources:  Classic Movie Reel.


12 Days of Christmas – Day 4: Merry Wishmas

Release Date:  12/2/18; TV One
Genre:  Holiday/Romance
Rating:  NR
Director:  Terri J. Vaughn
Studio(s):  Bobbcat Films, Nina Holiday Entertainment, TV One
Cast:  Tamela Mann, David Mann, Kim Fields, Towanda Braxton, Chrystale Wilson, Elizabeth Omilami.

Story:  Starring Tamela Mann (Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living, Meet the Browns) as Keneisha ‘Kenni’ Wright, a single and successful Atlanta businesswoman who hasn’t returned home for the holidays in years.  She stars opposite her creative and life partner, husband David Mann (Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living, Meet the Browns)  as Jessie Jenkins, an old high school friend.  The two reunite at Jessie’s fledgling wellness facility, the Beverly Living Center, where Kenni is reminded of the transformational power of love, hope and faith, amplified by the spirit of the holidays.

This feel-good romantic comedy revolves around Kenni, who has avoided the annual holiday trip to her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina for years. While she is hoping for the best, as with any family, there are unresolved issues lingering that could make the holiday not so bright. The movie also stars veteran actress Kim Fields (Living Single) as Celine, a regular at the center who loves seeing the new smile Kenni puts on Jessie’s face, but is protective about his feelings. Towanda Braxton (Braxton Family Values) plays the role of Natalie, the persistent local woman who has a crush on Jessie. Elizabeth Omilami (Madea’s Family Reunion) appears as Kenni’s matchmaker mom Regina, while Chrystale Wilson (The Player’s Club) steps into the role of Kenni’s sister and food truck entrepreneur Dionne, adding a high dose of sibling rivalry. Source:  TV One.


12 Days of Christmas – Day 5:  Deliver By Christmas

Release Date:   10/25/20; Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Genre:  Holiday/Romance
Rating:  TV-G
Director:  Terry Ingram
Studio(s):  Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Build-a-Bear Workshop Entertainment, Foundation Media Partners, Muse Distribution International, Hallmark Entertainment.
Running Time:  84 mins.

Cast:   Alvina August (Molly), Eion Bailey (Josh), Kesler Talbot (Charlie), Nadeen Lightbody (Jane), Julie Lynn Mortensen (Amy), Jim Thorburn (Jimmy), Nakai Takawira (Zoe), Fiona Vroom (Jessica), Frances Flanagan (Mary), Dalias Blake (Harold).

Story:  Bakery owner Molly meets Josh, a widower who recently moved to town with his young son, but she is also charmed by a mysterious client whom she’s never met in person and she doesn’t realize that they’re the same man.  Source:  Hallmarkmoviesand mysteries.com.


12 Days of Christmas – Day 6: A Dream For Christmas

Release Date:  12/24/73; ABC
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:   Ralph Senensky
Studio(s):  Lorimar Productions, American Broadcasting Company (ABC); Viacom; Warner Home Video.
Running Time:  100 mins.

Cast:  Hari Rhodes (Rev. Will Douglas), Beah Richards (Grandma Bessie), Lynn Hamilton (Sarah Douglas), George Spell (Joey Douglas), Juanita Moore (Fannie Mitchell), Joel Fluellen (Arthur Rogers), Marlon Adams (Bradley Douglas), Robert Do ‘Qui (George Briggs), Ta Ronce Allen (Emmarine Douglas), Clarence Muse (Donald Freeland), Maidie Norman (Jennie Daley) Zara Cully (Beth Rogers).

Story:  An African-American minister, the Rev. Will Douglas (Hari Rhodes), and his large family relocate from their Arkansas home to Los Angeles in the 1950s. Douglas has been hired to lead the congregation of a neighborhood church. But, when the family finally arrives, they discover that the church is in major disrepair and scheduled for demolition. Douglas; his wife, Sarah (Lynn Hamilton) ; Grandma (Beah Richards) ; and the children must come together as various hardships rock their household.

A Dream for Christmas originally aired on December 24, 1973. It was originally designed as the pilot for a never-sold TV series titled The Douglas Family.  Source(s):  Rotten Tomatoes; madefortvmayhem.blogspot.com; Reelblack.