12 Days of Christmas:  Day 2 – Throwback Holiday

Release Date:   12/15/18; BET

Genre:  Comedy/Drama

Rating:  NR

Director:   Trey Haley

Studio(s):   Throwback Film, Tri Destined Studios, Deep C Digital, Black Waterhorse

Running Time:  120 mins.

Cast:  Jennifer Freeman (Jacqueline Grant), Robert Ri’chard (Aaron Tucker), Rhyon Nicole Brown (Rosalyn Ross), Jean Elie (Daniel Grant), Vanessa Bell Calloway (Mildred Anderson), KJ Smith (Kimberly Wiggins), Vanessa Paul (Lady Beggar), Jay Reeves (Mike Weaver), Kareem J. Grimes (Paul), Kennedy Stephens (Sydney Grant), Jaies Baptiste (Madeline), Isaiah Russell-Bailey (Justin Grant).

Story:   In high school Jacqueline was the “it” girl who dated the “it” boy whom she eventually married.  Now she’s in a quarter-life crisis, an unfulfilled life, and a doomed marriage with a spoiled kid to boot.  After a chance encounter with a handsome former classmate, Jacqueline rethinks her life.  For a fleeting moment, she wishes to go back to high school for a do-over…and she does.  Source(s):  Prime Video; IMDB.


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