12 Days of Christmas:  Day 1 – The Preacher’s Wife

Release Date:  12/13/96
Genre:  Drama/Fantasy
Rating:  PG
Director:  Penny Marshall
Studio(s):  Mundy Lane Entertainment, Parkway Productions, The Samuel Goldwyn Co., Touchstone Pictures, Buena Vista Pictures, American Broadcasting Company (ABC).
Running Time:  123 mins.

Cast:  Denzel Washington (Dudley), Whitney Houston (Julia Biggs), Courtney B. Vance (Reverend Henry Biggs), Gregory Hines (Joe Hamilton), Jenifer Lewis (Margueritte Coleman), Loretta Devine (Beverly), Justin Pierre Edmund (Jeremiah Biggs), Lionel Richie (Britsloe).

Story:  An angel wonders if love can be Heaven on Earth in this family-themed romantic fantasy. Rev. Henry Biggs (Courtney B. Vance) is the pastor of a struggling Baptist church in a poor section of New York City. Biggs is devoted to serving his flock and his community, but things are not easy; membership is down, money is tight, the furnace is broken, and real estate mogul Joe Hamilton (Gregory Hines) wants to buy the property and put up condominiums. The strain is taking its toll on Biggs’ marriage to his childhood sweetheart Julia (Whitney Houston), and in a moment of desperation, he prays to the Lord for help. The prayer is answered in the form of Dudley (Denzel Washington), an angel sent to earth to assist Biggs. The preacher doesn’t believe that Dudley is a divine being, but he’ll take any help he can get, while Julia, who thinks that Dudley is just another community volunteer, welcomes him into their home. However, Dudley is sidetracked in his earthly mission when he finds himself falling in love with Julia.  Source:  Allmovie.com; IMDB;Torrent.


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