Poster Sister Against Sister In A Burning Drama Of Love And Hate In The Tropics

Year of Release:  1939
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  N/A
Runtime:  67 mins.
Black & White
Studio:  Sack Amusement Enterprises
Producer:  Arthur Leonard
Director:  Arthur Leonard

Nina Mae McKinney (Isabelle Walton)
Jack Carter (Philip Ramsay)
Ida James (Sylvia Walton)
Hamtree Harrington (Percy Jackson)
Willa MacLane (Elvira)
Emmett Wallace (John Lowden)


After song and dance

In Jamaica, after a song and a cockfight, Percy Jackson, a Harlem conman, tries to win the fighter roosters. Elvira, Sylvia Walton’s servant, likes Percy.  Sylvia, also recently arrived from New York, is the younger half-sister of Isabelle Walton, who has been running their late father’s banana plantation, although he willed it to Sylvia.Sylvia Walton

While she has long been loved by John Lowden, Sylvia now favors her overseer, Philip Ramsay, irritating John.

Sylvia confides to John that she misses Harlem

Elvira takes Percy to Isabelle, who is now hiding out in the jungle, and Isabelle tells Percy that his soul has been transferred into a particular pig, which must be protected.

Elvira introduces Percy to Isabelle

Percy believes his soul is in a pig

Sylvia is unnerved by Jamaican superstitions, and anxious to maintain control of the plantation, Isabelle hopes to scare her into returning to New York. Isabelle also knows Philip has been stealing from Sylvia.  Philip proposes marriage to Sylvia, but she waits to give him her answer.

Philip asks Sylvia to marry himSylvia meets with Isabelle and proposes they split the estate. But Isabelle wants all or nothing and also wants John’s love for herself. Isabelle drugs Sylvia’s drink, so that Isabelle, whose mother was Haitian, can subject Sylvia to the “obeah blood dance ritual”.

Isabelle professes her love for John

Sylvia has spoiled Isabelle's plans

John overhears Philip planning to leave with Sylvia’s money, and after a fight, Philip confesses Isabelle’s plans.

John overhears Philip planning to leave the islandPhilip confesses to John

As Isabelle recites the death incantation, John interrupts the ceremony.

Isabelle presides over the ceremony Sylvia is unconsciousThe blood dance

The ceremony is interrupted

Isabelle gives John an ultimatum, send Sylvia back to New York and never see her again and she will stop the ceremony. John confronts Isabelle

Eventually Isabelle admits that Sylvia is not under a spell and was only drugged. When she learns the police have been called, Isabelle dismisses her followers and tells them they were only having a little ‘pocomania.’

Elvira and Percy also arrive on the scene, having spent the evening searching for Percy’s “soul” pig, unaware that the cook has already slaughtered it. Percy and Elvira interrupt the ceremony

John reunites the two sisters, and Isabelle tells Sylvia the truth about Philip, that he only pretended to love her because he wanted the plantation. Isabelle explains to Percy that the pig story was a joke and they agree sit down for a meal of roast pork.

Isabelle tells Sylvia the truth about PhillipThey wil all be having roast pig


The Devil’s Daughter was also reviewed under the title Pocomania, a word used by Isabelle to describe the “obeah.”

Although reviews and modern sources commonly identify Isabelle as a practitioner of voodoo, this word is never used in the film, instead, her supposed magical power is called “obeah.”

Remake of the 1936 film Ouanga (also known as Drums in the Night, Drums of the Jungle, Love Wanga) which starred Fredi Washington, Philip Brandon, and Marie Paxton.

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