A Christmas Princess

Release Date:   12/1/19; ION
Genre:   Holiday/Romance
Rating:   NR
Director:  Fred Olen Ray
Studio(s):   Hybrid, DeInstitutionalized
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:   Travis Burns (Prince Jack), Shein Mompremier (Jessica Byrnes), Erin Gray (Queen Alice), Cameron Jebo (Ernie).

Story:   Jessica (Shein Mompremier) is a struggling chef living in a trendy borough in New York. Her restaurant just hasn’t received the kind of attention that it takes to survive, especially with Christmas on the way. Prince Jack is from a small European country and arrives in New York to plan his family’s annual Christmas charity dinner. After firing the cantankerous chef, he finds himself lost in the big city and wanders into none other than Jessica’s restaurant. He immediately falls in love with Jessica’s cooking and comes up with a brilliant plan: why doesn’t she cater his Christmas gala? As romance blossoms, so do the obstacles. His parents, a would-be girlfriend and a pushy socialite (and ex-girlfriend) from Jack’s home country all stand in the way. But love is a powerful force. And as the day of the big event arrives, she decides she doesn’t care what anyone else says. She’s going to make the best dinner the annual Christmas gala has ever seen! And, in the process, she might just land herself the best Christmas present of all, her very own Prince!  Source:  blackfilm.com.

Ghosting:  The Spirit of Christmas

a/k/a Ghosting

Release Date:  12/4/19; Freeform
Genre:   Holiday
Rating:  NR
Director:   Theresa Bennett
Studio(s):   Freeform, Is or Isn’t Entertainment, Midwest Livestock
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:    Aisha Dee (Jess), Kimiko Glenn (Kara), Kendrick Sampson (Ben), Jazz Raycole (Mae), Missi Pyle (Chrissy), LisaGay Hamilton (Deb).

Story:   The protagonist Jess is a free-spirited young woman, who is content with her near-perfect life. However, destiny had different plans for her when she heads back from a rather pleasant first date.  Following her demise in a car accident, her spirit possesses the body of the man she went on a date with. The story revolves around the adventures and struggles of Jess’ unsettling spirit to achieve the ideal afterlife.  However, there’s more to this story! Jess’s friend Kara is the only one aware of the former’s presence even after her death, as she can see the spirit and even communicate with her. But will Kara be able to help Jess’ soul rest in peace with her New Age rituals and practices? Find out as the movie unveils the answer.  Source:  meaww.com.

T’was The Chaos Before Christmas

Release Date:  12/7/19; BET & BET Her
Genre:   Holiday/Family
Rating:  NR
Director:  Terri J. Vaughn
Studio(s):   May 3rd Films, Octet Productions
Running Time:  83 mins
Cast:   Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (Jayla Mitchell), Sherri Shepherd (Valerie Russell), Affion Crockett (Ed Russell), Victoria Rowell (Hazel Mitchell), Malachi Malik (Morgan Mitchell).

Story:   When polar opposite families book the same vacation home for the Christmas holiday, chaos and confusion ensue as they both attempt to celebrate the holiday in their own way under the same roof.  Morgan and Jayla Mitchell are an affluent family from New York City. In an effort to keep the family together over the Christmas holidays, they decide to rent a luxurious home in Washington, DC. Morgan’s mother can easily join the Mitchells and their teenaged daughter, Raven to celebrate Christmas there. Val and Ed Russell are a working-class family and parents to teenagers Deshawn and Destiny Russell from Walkertown, North Carolina.

When Val hits the lottery, she chooses to spend her winnings on a luxurious rental in Washington, DC over the Christmas holidays. That way, they can spend time doing free tourist activities and celebrate Christmas with Ed’s sister Shanice, a Howard University student who can’t afford to go home for the holidays. In the perfect storm, Jayla and Val, one unbeknownst to the other, book the same holiday rental on different websites, but over the same period of time. When the families all arrive at the same property, chaos erupts. The two families cannot be more different. With the holidays in full swing, the families are stuck trying to figure out how to celebrate their Christmas holidays in their respective manners without losing it.  Source:  Blackfilm.com.


Holiday Heist

Release Date:   12/14/19; BET & BET Her
Genre:  Holiday/Drama
Rating:   NR
Director:  Roger M. Bobb
Studio(s):   MarVista Entertainment, Shatterglass Films.
Running Time:  90 mins.

Cast:   Chaley Rose (Jade), Jatone Smith (Bolo), Tobias Truvillion (Devin).

Story:   Devin (Tobias Truvillion) is ready to live life on the straight and narrow but is pulled back into a life of crime when his old gangster boss resurfaces ready to cash in on an old debt. They’ve set their sights on the priceless collection of African diamonds on display for the Christmas season at the struggling, family-owned Holiday Jewels store. Devin lands a job at the jewelry store so he can be closer to his target but winds up falling for the owner’s daughter, Jade Holiday (Chaley Rose). In turn, Devin does everything he can to save the store, the Holiday family, and his newfound love.  Source:  Blackfilm.com.


Snowbound For Christmas

Release Date:  12/15/19; UpTV
Genre:   Holiday/Romance
Rating:   NR
Director:  Marco Deufemia
Studio(s):   Brain Power Studio
Running Time:  Unknown
Cast:  Zarrin Darnell-Martin (Rachel), Henderson Wade (Adrian), Scott Thompson (Lean-Luc), Josephine Buettner (Diane), Franco Lo Presti (Fred), Diane Johnstone (Marilyn).
Story  Based on the best-selling Harlequin book “Snowbound with the CEO,” a marketing executive (Darnell-Martin) is invited by her charming and handsome boss (Wde) to pitch a major project to prospective clients at a posh resort and the two get snowed in together before any of the other guests can arrive.  Now, with the hotel to themselves, a fairytale snowscape outside and sparks flying inside, they find that being alone together is all the Christmas magic they need.  Source:  Blackfilm.com.

Christmas Belles

Release Date:  11/23/19; BET & BET Her
Genre:   Holiday/Comedy
Rating:   NR
Director:  Terri J. Vaughn
Studio(s):   The Asylum, BET+
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:   Raven Goodwin (Delia), DomiNque Perry (Porsha), Omar Gooding (Donovan), Janet Hubert (Whitley), John Amos (Pop Pop).

Story:   Despite being successful in their careers, two 30-something BFFs never stop hearing that they both need a man before it’s too late. When a handsome pastor arrives just in time to kick off the Christmas season, both ladies try to make a move – but as their hilarious attempts to one up each other keep growing, it will be their family to remind them what the holiday season is truly about.  Source:  blackfilm.com.


You Light Up My Christmas

Release Date:  12/1/19; Lifetime
Genre:   Holiday
Rating:  Unknown
Director:  Rhonda Baraka
Studio(s):   Tim Johnson Productions, Lifetime.
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:   Kim Fields (Emma), Adrian Holmes (Ben), BJ Harrison (Leonna), Andrew Creightney (Grandpa Roy), Mindy Cohn (Rose), Lisa Whelchel, Nancy McKeon.

Details:  The stars of The Facts of Life are coming back together, just in time for Christmas!  Kim Fields, Lisa Whelchel, Mindy Cohn and Nancy McKeon will reunite in the Christmas movie You Light Up My Christmas, premiering Dec.1 on Lifetime as part of the channel’s “It’s a Wonderful Lifetime” programming.  The holiday movie’s executive producer and star Kim Fields — who describes these cast members as her “sisters” — is the one who invited her fellow child actresses to get on board.

Story:   Inspired by true events, Emma (Kim Fields) returns to her hometown built around her family’s pioneer Christmas Light Factory two weeks before Christmas. However upon Emma’s return, she discovers the lights have gone dim in the once festive town, prompting her to reconnect with an old flame to set their hearts and the town ablaze with light again.  Source(s):  Lifetime.com; People.com.