Equal Standard

Release Date:   5/721 – In Theaters; 6/8/21 – VOD (5/14/20 – Original Release)
Genre:  Action
Rating:  NR
Director:  Brendan Kyle Cochrane
Studio(s):  First Born Production, Digital Seven, Mutiny Pictures, Safier Entertainment.
Running Time:  101 mins.

Cast:  Ice -T (Croft), Tobias Truvillion (Chris Jones), ​Maurice Benard (Captain Chavat Issak), Syleena Johnson (Jackie Jones), Robert Clohessy (Detective Rullan), Fredro Starr (Du), Chris Kerson (Detective Kevin Mckenzie), Anthony ‘ Treach’ Criss (Trigger).

Story:  New York City police officers’ lives collide in interweaving stories of race, rank, loss, and betrayalAn NYPD Detective is shot by one of his own, benevolent brothers in uniform. Communities are ignited – to march for justice. Gangs put their differences aside – for a united fight, an equal opportunity. “That people not be judged by the color of their skin but for the content of their character.” The movement and unity impacts City society and leads to a Blue Wall intervention within the Police force. White cops’ lust for change and act on it – by flushing out racism. Not an easy fight. In the end, what was considered impossible, became possible.

Equal Standard will not only take you through the storm, it will show you that racism is only a mental chain – a chain that can and will be broken in spite of insecurities, beliefs or differences. African American Detective Chris Jones, with Caucasian Detective David McKenzie, reveal that, when McKenzie’s brother’s life is taken by an African American Detective – in a shooting under “Friendly Fire” law. By the end, there are no fingers to point.  Sources:  Official site, equalstandardmovie.com; IMDB.


Lust:  A Deadly Sins Saga

a/k/a Lust:  A Seven Deadly Sins Story

Release Date:  4/10/21; Lifetime
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Star Victoria
Running Time:  Unknown
Studios:  TD Jakes Enterprises, Big Dreams Entertainment, Lifetime.

Cast:  Keri Hilson, LeToya Luckett-Walker, Tobias Truvillion, Durrell ‘Tank’ Babbs, Michael Anthony, Ms. Juicy, Clifton Powell, Phire Whitaker.

Details:  Lifetime TV has teamed up with Bishop TD Jakes to air two new movies, Lust: A Deadly Sins Saga and Envy: A Deadly Sins Saga. Both movies are executive produced by TD Jakes and based on The Seven Deadly Sins anthology written by Victoria Christopher Murray.

Story:  Tiffanie Cooper (Keri Hilson) is about to have the wedding of her dreams, marrying her soul mate, the dashing Damon King (Tobias Truvillion), founder of King Enterprises. When Damon’s old friend Trey Taylor (Durrell “Tank” Babbs) arrives, fresh from prison, to step in as Damon’s best man, Tiffanie’s whole world gets rocked. Trey triggers a passion in Tiffanie that she never expected, and suddenly the life she’s always planned with Damon is uncertain. Trey still carries wounds from his history with Damon, and his intentions toward both Tiffanie and Damon are not to be trusted. Lust: A Deadly Sins Saga also stars Ms. Juicy, LeToya Luckett, and Clifton Powell.  Source/Photo Source:  enspiremag.com.


Loved To Death

Release Date:  7/21/19; TV One
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Director:  Lee Davis
Studio(s):  Asylum Productions; TV One
Cast:  Malinda Williams (Monica), MC Lyte (Tiffany), McKinley Freeman (Jackson), Tobias Truvillion (Dre) and Chrystee Pharris (Courtney), Ernest L. Thomas (Pastor).

Story:   Loved To Death charts a newly engaged couple whose lives are cut short when they are suddenly gunned down by a crazed ex-lover at a toll booth. Upon meeting and falling in love with Dre (Truvillion), Monica (Williams) leaves a long term abusive relationship with Jackson (Freeman) to be with her new love. Inspired by actual events, the original movie is part of TV One’s Love, Lies & Murder series of stories that explore the dark side of love including deceit, betrayal, obsession and jealousy.  Source:  TV One.