Don’t Waste Your Pretty

Release Date:  2/28/21; TV One
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Tamara Bass
Studio(s):  Swirl Films, TV One
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:  Keri Hilson (Mykah), Deborah Joy Winans (Jeanné), Redaric Williams (Michael), Jasmine Burke (Aisha), Kaye Singleton (Amma) and Rainey Branch (Lisa).

Story Based on the eponymous book penned by award-winning author and media personality Demetria L. Lucas, the film tells the story of tightly knit friends as they sort out their turbulent life and love issues.  After years of extreme career focus, Mykah (Hilson) finally stops making excuses and starts looking for love. Encouraged by her best friends, Mykah embraces the dating scene by taking their suggestions on speed dating, making online connections, and hitting the nightlife. But she soon discovers love might be right in front of her. The recent divorcée Jeanné (Wynans) has put the idea of love on ice but has to decide if the burning flame from Mykah’s twin brother Michael (Williams) is warm enough to melt her heart again. Fun-loving, married couple Amma (Singleton) and Aisha (Burke) are #couplegoals of the group but struggle to strike a balance as they embark on their parenthood journey. When jobs, romance, and family interactions prove more complicated than they had ever anticipated, the group of friends knows they can always turn to one another to figure out their next move.  Source(s):  TV One.


Christmas Dilemma

Release Date:   12/6/20; TV One
Genre:  Comedy/Holiday
Rating:   NR
Director:  Essence Atkins
Studio(s):   Swirl Films
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:  B.J. Britt (Jay), Christopher B. Duncan (Howard), Brittany S. Hall (Monica), Claire Lanay  (Sung), Carl Anthony Payne II (Eddie).

Story:  Christmas Dilemma follows a newlywed couple Jay (B.J. Britt) and Monica (Brittany Hall) as they struggle to decide which set of in-laws they should join for their first Christmas. After each pleads their case and even attempts a little trickery, they decide to bypass the guaranteed disappointment of picking one family over the other. Unbeknownst to them, the decision is made for them when their families show up at their home unexpectedly. Drama ensues as the in-laws clash, long-lost relatives decide to make an appearance, and Jay’s grandmother joins the holiday festivities accompanied her caretaker who just happens to be Jay’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend.  Source(s):  IMDB; Shadow & Act.

Blood On Her Badge

Release Date:  11/16/20; TV One
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Kenn Michael
Studio(s):  The Asylum
Running Time:  Unknown
Cast:  Rayven Ferrell, Tequan Richmond, Miguel Nunez, Tetona Jackson and Johnell Young.

Story:  Inspired by true crime events, this gripping film details the journey of an ill-fated romance.  Blood on Her Badge tells a true crime tale of Dee Johnson, a charming and eager young cop. As Dee settles into her new career, she falls for a captivating younger man. As life begins to fall into place, Dee begins to make risky decisions that ultimately alter her objectivity. With no real moral grounding, Dee allows herself to be manipulated by her lover, resulting in tragic repercussions.  Source(s):; TV One.


Coins For Love

Release Date:   7/19/20; TV One

Genre:   Romance

Rating:  NR

Director:  Jamal Hill

Studio(s):   TV One, Swirl Films

Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:   Essence Atkins, Stephen Bishop, TC Carson, Kendrick Cross, Karon Joseph Riley.

Story:  TV One follows the success of its popular film Coins For Christmas with the premiere of the sequel, Coins For Love.  The sequel reunites audiences with single mother Madison Morris (Atkins), who finds herself starting over. Madison lands her dream job at a publishing company. To her dismay, however, she must complete a probationary period and will not receive her full salary until the process is over, leaving her in a financial struggle. With a new career and struggling to make ends meet, she works under the demands of her new job while raising two teens on her own. Making matters even more complicated, she finds herself torn between an old flame and a new love interest.  Alec Darby (Bishop) has also started the job of his dreams on a national sports network but soon clashes with his co-host Demarco (Cross). Madison and Alec have a chance encounter and connect to discuss their career challenges, prompting Alec to offer Madison a side gig as his personal assistant to help supplement her income. The two embark on a great working relationship, and sparks eventually start to fly but not before Alec’s ex-fiancée reemerges in the picture. Madison’s ex-husband also comes crawling back with promises of a fresh start adding to the drama. Tune in to see if the couple’s budding relationship will be able to withstand the ultimate test – their Exes – in this romantic drama.  Source:  Blackfilm, TV One.


Steppin’ Back To Love

Release Date:  2/8/2020; TV One
Genre:  Romance
Rating:  NR
Director:  Roger M. Bobb
Studio(s):  Swirl Films, TV One
Running Time:  120 mins.

Cast:  Monique Coleman (April), Darrin Dewitt Henson (Derrick), Erica Pinkett (Kiki), Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Alonzo), Brely Evans, Blue Kimble, Jason Turner, Porsha Williams, Dorien Wilson.

Story:   A once-loving couple connected by dance, after facing marital struggles, use their passion for Chicago-style step-dancing to reignite the spark in their marriage.

Steppin’ Back To Love chronicles the tumultuous, romantic journey of Derrick and April, whose undeniable chemistry led to a sultry, storybook romance filled with a number of dance championships. Over time, external factors force them to take to the dancefloor less, when their marriage begins to slide. Their relationship is put to the test when Derrick’s success photographing a racy internet star breeds jealousy in his wife. April finds distraction from her marital issues in the form of attention from Alonzo, a handsome doctor that she spends long hours with at work. Faced so many challenges, the couple has to decide whether to take a final bow on their relationship or step back into love with one another.  Source(s):; TV One;


Dear Santa, I Need A Date

Release Date:  12/8/19; TV One
Genre:   Holiday/Comedy
Rating:  Unknown
Director:  Terri J. Vaughn
Studio(s):   Swirl Films, TV One
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:   Ray J (Jason Vaughn), Reagan Gomez-Preston (Janelle Vaughn), Anne-Marie Johnson (Mrs. Vaughn), Jay DeVon Johnson (Mr. Vaughn), Reginae Carter (Nicole), B. Simone (Erica), Isaiah Jarel (Noah), Kaye Singleton (Lori).

Story:   Dear Santa, I Need A Date tells the comedic story of two successful and ambitious siblings Janelle Vaughn (Gomez-Preston) and Jason Vaughn (Ray J). Their parents are proud of their children’s flourishing careers but are displeased with their dating lives. Every holiday season, the Vaughn’s anxiously prepare for their children to bring home a significant other only to be disappointed. This year, The Vaughn’s apply pressure by expressing their concerns to Jason and Janelle, which sparks a bet between the siblings on who can find a date by Christmas.  Source/Photo Source: