Release Date:  1/6/23; BET+
Genre:  Action
Rating:  TV-MA
Running Time:  117 mins.
Director:  Mike Ho
Studio(s):  Imani Media Group, Faith Media Distribution.

Cast:  Brittany S. Hall (Faith Newford), Demetrius Shipp, Jr. (Bryce Newford), Stephen Bishop (Senator Grant Powell), Kris D. Lofton (Raymond ‘Supreme’ Avant, Jr.), Elyse Mirto (General Michelle Dupreee), Michael Monks (Sec Arthur Bridges), Corey Calliet (Khalil Dames/Myles Baker), Sydney-Lake Bradley  (Jada Newford), Isaac Stephen Montgomery (Jonathan Taylor).

Story:  A year after what she thinks was a car accident, a seemingly normal wife and mother slowly recovers from amnesia, only to learn that she is actually a highly sought after Army Special Ops Lieutenant who holds a secret that would blow the lid on a widespread government conspiracy.  Source:


Aurora:  A Love Story

a/k/a Aurora

Release Date:  1/27/23; VOD

Genre:  Drama

Rating:  NR

Running Time:  95 mins.

Director:  Noel Calloway

Studio(s):  Tough Dog Media

Cast:  Tobias Truvillion (Kenny), Wakeema Hollis (Giselle), Marc John Jeffries (Will), Brian Anthony Wilson (Kevin).

Story:  Kenny and Giselle are set to marry on a beach in Puerto Rico. When Giselle disappears on the day of the ceremony it sets off a crazy chain of events, unearthing secrets, lies and betrayal that threatens to destroy their fairytale love story.  Source:  Prime Video.


Three Ways

Release Date:  2/10/23; Hulu
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:   TVMA
Running Time:  92 mins.
Director:  Jamal Dedeaux
Studio(s):  Andscape, Mean Spirited Productions, Flourishing Films, Hulu
Cast Andrea Lewis, Brittany S. Hall, Jerrel O’Neal, Toccara Jones, David Raibon, Ronin Lee.

Story:  A sex comedy told in three ways… Sexually awkward Stacey Johnson decides to take control of her life, cancel her ex, and conquer her fears by having a threesome with her new beau and a mysterious woman she’s never met. What could possibly go wrong?  Source:  Hulu.


The Reading

Release Date:  2/2/23; BET+
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:   TV-MA
Running Time:  96 mins.
Director:  Courtney Glaude
Studio(s):  Courtney Glaude, AWW Entertainment

Cast:  Mo’Nique (Emma), Chasity Sereal (Sky), Denisha Hardeman (Jessie), Ian Haywood (Gregory), Charnele Brown (Oda Brown), Mcauley Teters (Randy), Maudejanei Alero (Kendell Leeden), Cooper Helm (Mathew Leeden), Lisa Alavi (Ashley Leeden).

Story:  Emma Leeden is an author who recently lost her husband and two children during a home invasion. A year after the incident, Emma is still deeply scarred by the events and keeps away from the public in a fortified home. When she decides to detail the horrific experience in her new book, Invasion, her manager arranges a staged reading to generate press and hires a medium, Sky Brown to lead.  Although Emma doesn’t buy into Sky’s connection with the spirits, she’s quickly proven wrong when the medium is possessed by a dark spirit presenting itself as one of Emma’s daughters. Trapped in the author’s home, the group faces off against a terrifying force that they can’t get away from.  Source:


The Assistant

a/k/a Assistant

Release Date:  1/20/23; Tubi

Genre:  Thriller

Rating:   TV-14

Running Time:  104 mins.

Director:  Chris Stokes

Studio(s):   Footage Films

Cast:   Erica Mena (Dr. Raven Fields), Parker McKenna Posey (Annie), Flex Alexander (Shawn Fields), Erica Hubbard (Tiyana).

Story:   Raven hires a new personal assistant, thinking she’s found the perfect fit. But fear sets in when personal organization turns to personal obsession and she risks losing everything, including her life.  Sources:; IMDB.


We Have A Ghost

Release Date:  2/24/23; Netflix
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  PG-13
Running Time:  126 mins.
Director:  Christopher Landon
Studio(s):  Legendary Entertainment, Temple Hill Entertainment, Netflix.

Cast Jahi Winston (Kevin Presley), Anthony Mackie (Frank Presley), Erica Ash (Melanie Presley), Niles Fitch (Fulton Presley), David Harbour (Ernest), Isabella Russo (Joy Yoshino), Tig Notaro (Dr. Leslie Monroe), Steve Coulter (Deputy Director Arnold Schipley).

Story:  Seeking a fresh start in Chicago, the Presley family moves into a dusty fixer-upper but they soon realize the house comes with a catch: a ghost in the attic named Ernest. Despite Ernest’s attempts at scaring teenage son Kevin, the detached, music-obsessed teen soon finds a kindred spirit in this trapped soul from the ’70s and commits to helping him. Meanwhile, Kevin’s affable-yet-harsh father Frank looks to cash in on Ernest by turning him into a social media sensation. When Frank’s video of Ernest goes viral and captures the world’s attention, the family lands on the radar of Dr. Leslie Monroe, a washed-up paranormal scientist who alerts her old boss, the Deputy Director of the CIA, restarting a clandestine program aimed at capturing a ghost. As crowds, reporters, and government agents descend upon the Presley home, it’s up to Kevin and his sharp-witted, fellow outcast neighbor Joy to break Ernest out, uncover the mysteries of his past, and bring him the closure he needs before it’s too late.  Source:  IMDB/Netflix.