Release Date:  1/6/23; BET+
Genre:  Action
Rating:  TV-MA
Running Time:  117 mins.
Director:  Mike Ho
Studio(s):  Imani Media Group, Faith Media Distribution.

Cast:  Brittany S. Hall (Faith Newford), Demetrius Shipp, Jr. (Bryce Newford), Stephen Bishop (Senator Grant Powell), Kris D. Lofton (Raymond ‘Supreme’ Avant, Jr.), Elyse Mirto (General Michelle Dupreee), Michael Monks (Sec Arthur Bridges), Corey Calliet (Khalil Dames/Myles Baker), Sydney-Lake Bradley  (Jada Newford), Isaac Stephen Montgomery (Jonathan Taylor).

Story:  A year after what she thinks was a car accident, a seemingly normal wife and mother slowly recovers from amnesia, only to learn that she is actually a highly sought after Army Special Ops Lieutenant who holds a secret that would blow the lid on a widespread government conspiracy.  Source:


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