The Reading

Release Date:  2/2/23; BET+
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:   TV-MA
Running Time:  96 mins.
Director:  Courtney Glaude
Studio(s):  Courtney Glaude, AWW Entertainment

Cast:  Mo’Nique (Emma), Chasity Sereal (Sky), Denisha Hardeman (Jessie), Ian Haywood (Gregory), Charnele Brown (Oda Brown), Mcauley Teters (Randy), Maudejanei Alero (Kendell Leeden), Cooper Helm (Mathew Leeden), Lisa Alavi (Ashley Leeden).

Story:  Emma Leeden is an author who recently lost her husband and two children during a home invasion. A year after the incident, Emma is still deeply scarred by the events and keeps away from the public in a fortified home. When she decides to detail the horrific experience in her new book, Invasion, her manager arranges a staged reading to generate press and hires a medium, Sky Brown to lead.  Although Emma doesn’t buy into Sky’s connection with the spirits, she’s quickly proven wrong when the medium is possessed by a dark spirit presenting itself as one of Emma’s daughters. Trapped in the author’s home, the group faces off against a terrifying force that they can’t get away from.  Source:


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