Untitled Freeway Rick Ross Project

Status:   Development Status Unknown as of July 17, 2014
Release Date:  TBA
Genre:  Drama/Biography
Rating:  Not Available
Studio:  Not Available
Director:  Not Available
Cast:  Nick Cannon (‘Freeway’ Rick Ross)
Story:  The story of ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross, a notorious drug dealer during the 1980s, who at the height of his game, distributed 100 kilograms of cocaine across the country on a daily basis. Ross claims that he was supplied by the Contras who were fighting the Nicaraguan government at the time and were funded by officials in Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Details:  According to The Hollywood Reporter in March 2013, Nick Cannon will portray former drug kingpin ‘Freeway’ Rick Ross in an upcoming film. Cannon appeared alongside Ross in a YouTube video posted to Ross’ Facebook page to announce the biopic. Director and screenwriter Nick Cassavetes is set to pen the script, according to the post.

The brief video offers little other information regarding the planned film, but does note in a caption that the script will be penned by the writer of Blow, and includes the following description: “This is more than a movie it’s a movement. This is the story of the real Scarface.”   Source(s): The Hollywood Reporter, Shadow and Act, IMDB.

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