The Black Count

The Black County coverStatus:  Script (as of March 7, 2017)
Release Date: TBA
Genre:  Biography/Historical
Rating: Unknown
Studio(s):  Get Lifted Film Co., Parliament of Owls, Sony.
Running Time:  Unknown
Director: Cary Fukunaga
Cast:  TBA

Details:  In April 2014 Deadline announced that John Legend and his Get Lifted Film Co. partner Mike Jackson, will team with Cary Fukunaga to adapt and helm a big-screen version of The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, And The Real Count of Monte Cristo for Sony. Get Lifted have optioned the Pulitzer-winning 2012 biography written by Tom Reiss that chronicles the life and adventures of French Revolution-era General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. Jackson and Ty Stiklorius will produce the pic with Fukunaga’s Parliament of Owls. Legend, his manager Troy Carter and Sony’s Josh Bratman will serve as executive producers.

Born to a French nobleman and a slave woman of African descent, Dumas became the highest-ranking person of color to ever serve in any European army. A favorite of Napoleon for a time, Dumas was also the first non-white to become a brigadier general in the French military. Dumas’ exploits were used as the basis for the novels of his son Alexandre Dumas. Better known today than his father, the younger Dumas wrote The Three Musketeers and The Count Of Monte Cristo. Source: Deadline.  Photo Source:  NPR.

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