Christmas Wedding Baby

Christmas Wedding BabyRelease Date:  2014; 12/22/15 BET
Genre:   Drama/Romance
Rating: NR
Running Time:  112 mins.
Studio(s):  Cultivated Films
Director:  Kiara Jones

Cast:  Kimberley Drummond (Andrea), Maba Ba (Brent), Sawandi Wilson (Gabriel), Maria Howell (Miranda), Lisa Arrindell Anderson (Lori), Frances Turner (Charlotte), Stephen Hill (Isaac), Jason Vendryes (Kendal).

Story:  The film focuses on three sisters. The baby of the trio, Andrea is in town for her wedding to the wealthy Brent, but it’s clear something is amiss, as he’s been too busy to come for the pre-wedding preparations. This small town in North Florida doesn’t have too many professional photographers and Andrea’s ex Gabriel was hired by the wedding planner to effectively capture her beauty on this momentous occasion. Sparks fly between the two, compounding Andrea’s confusion. Does she do what her overbearing mom Miranda says and marry the “right man” or go with her heart…and what does that mean exactly?

Lori, is the oldest sister, and pregnant by a one-night stand to the chagrin of bratty and needy Andrea, judgmental mom Miranda, and middle sister Charlotte. Successful and adventurous, her decision to have a baby on her own doesn’t sit well with the rest of the clan because she lives life on her terms, something they can’t relate to, or in Miranda’s case, waited too long to act on.

Charlotte and her hunky baby daddy Isaac are in a rut. He has given up working as an international DJ and music producer to be the best stay at home dad to their two children while Charlotte focuses on her work as a daytime news anchor. As Isaac prepares to take their relationship to the next level, Charlotte entertains ideas of tasting the swirl with her white co-anchor. Source: Shadow and Act.


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