Bronze Buckaroo

Roaring Round-Up of Song-Studded Thrills!

Year of Release:  1939
Genre:  Western/Musical
Rating:  N/A
Runtime:  58 mins.
Black & White
Studio(s):  Sack Amusement Enterprises, Inc., Hollywood Productions
Director:   Richard C. Kahn

Herbert Jeffrey (Bob Blake), Lucius Brooks (Dusty), Artie Young (Betty Jackson), F. E. Miller (Jim Pecklat), Spencer Williams, Jr. (Pete), Clarence Brooks (Gus).


Bronze Buckaroo still #1Five cowboys led by Bob Blake ride from Texas to help their friend, Joe Jackson, who has moved to Arizona for his health.  Jackson’s ranch hand, Slim, is learning to use ventriloquism to make the farm animals talk, and tries to convince the gullible Dusty to buy a talking mule. Bob learns from Joe’s sister Betty that Joe disappeared three weeks before.  He also learns that Joe and Betty’s father had vanished in a similar manner and later turned up dead.

The cowboys drift into town to learn what they can. Dusty and a companion enter a saloon, where brutish cowhand Pete shoots his partner in a card game and then forces Dusty to smoke four cigars at once.  Bob enters, interrupting the bully and the two get into a fistfight.

Bronze Buckaroo still #3Later, Bob visits Buck Thorn, a neighbor of the Jacksons’ who has offered to buy their ranch, and who employs Pete and some other tough cowhands.

Upstairs in the saloon, Buck, Pete and their henchmen try to force Joe to sign his land over to them because it contains a gold mine worth one million dollars. Bob finds them but is knocked over the head by the bartender.  A shootout ensues downstairs when Bob’s friends come to his rescue.

Returning to the ranch, they discover that Betty is gone. She left to follow Pete, who gave her a message that Joe is hurt. Buck brands Joe with a hot iron, and threatens Betty with the same treatment.  Meanwhile, Betty’s horse returns to the ranch and Bob and his friends follow the animal’s tracks.

Bronze Buckaroo still #6During a gunfight among the rocks, the sheriff and his men are led to the scene by Dusty who shoots Pete.  The villains are hauled off to jail, and Blake rides into the sunset with Betty.Bronze Buckaroo still #7


The picture was filmed at N. B. Murray’s dude ranch near Victorville, CA. The ranch catered to African-American guests.


TCM; Blaxploitation Pride.  Poster Source:  Wikipedia

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