Marcus Garvey Biopic

(Status:  Post Production as of 5/22/17; expected release date 11/9/18)

According to Shadow & Act, on 4/20/17, a Marcus Garvey biopic was filming starring Kevin Navayne.  Steven Anderson makes his feature film directing debut with a cast that also includes Dennis Haysbert (as Garvey’s father, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Sr.) and Janet Hubert (as his mother, Sarah Jane Richards), as well as Tobin Bell, Dan Gauither, Rhashan Stone, and Christian Campbell.  Financing was provided by private investors.

Mr. Navayne is originally from Jamaica, as was the character he’s portraying on film.  The legend of Marcus Garvey looms large in Black history, especially to those involved in the Pan-African movement. Garvey’s call for Black self-empowerment is still discussed and debated about to this day. His story has stood the test of time, from his childhood in Jamaica, his activities in the United States, his dreams of a Pan African movement and Back to Africa movement, and his ultimate demise at the hands of the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover.  Garvey’s life and his movement’s effect maintained for years after his death. He influenced people like Malcolm X, groups like the Nation of Islam and many others.   Sources:  Shadow & Act; The Source.

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