Witching Eyes

Year of Release:  1929
Genre:  Horror /Thriller
Runtime:  Unknown
Director/Writer/Producer:  Ernest Stearns

Salem Tutt Whitney, Sylvia Birdsong, Lorenzo Tucker

Haitian Val Napolo, possessed of a witching hand and the evil eye, is persuaded by his friend Cortex to go to the United States and pose as a leader of his people.  Napolo meets with great success and gets to know Sylvia Smith, the daughter of a recently deceased black leader.  Napolo develops a burning desire for Sylvia, but she favors Ralph Irving, a gentle poet.  Napolo puts a curse on them and breaks up the love affair.  When Sylvia still refuses him, Napolo kidnaps her.  Ralph learns of the abduction and rescues Sylvia, discrediting Napolo in the eyes of his people.

This film is presumed lost.

Source(s):  American Silent Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Feature Films, 1913-1929.

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