Game Day

Release Date:   10/4/19; Limited (2017 – Original Release)
Genre:   Comedy/Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  John Susman
Studio(s):   Movie Night Media, Artist View Entertainment
Running Time:  101 mins.
Cast:   Romeo Miller (Lucas), Elizabeth Alderfer (Ricki), Chris Johnson (Victor), Jerod Haynes (Trey), Antoine McKay (Sherman).

Story:   Game Day is a dramatic comedy about Ricki, a socially awkward, self-centered, tech-whiz. Spending other people’s money to create the next big technology company, she works long and crazy hours at the expense of personal relationships and impatient financial backers. When investors pull their money, Ricki’s professional and personal lives are left in ruins.  Struggling to recover, she gets an opportunity at a new technology firm. Despite her hard work, she discovers that people don’t last long in this firm unless they prove themselves a team player with work on behalf of the company’s clients and on the company’s, up till now all-male, basketball team.

Desperate to save her job, she awkwardly tries to hone her skills at a neighborhood basketball court and encounters Lucas, a street-wise high-school kid, who makes shooting hoops look easy.  When Lucas’s advice immediately pays dividends for her play, Ricki offers to pay him for lessons. Although he’s never coached a “girl” or anyone else before, Lucas agrees, sparking a relationship that ultimately changes both of their lives forever.  Source:  Official site,


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