Countdown to Halloween: Lucky Ghost

Poster 1

Tagline: A Thriller Diller Laff Sensation!

Year of Release: 1942
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Rating: N/A
Runtime: 68 mins.
Black & White
Studio(s): Dixie National Pictures Inc.
Producer(s): Jed Buell; Maceo B. Sheffield (Associate)
Director: William X. Crowley


Mantan Moreland (Washington Delaware Jones), F. E. Miller (Jefferson), Maceo B. Sheffield (Dr. Brutus Blake), Arthur Ray (Blackstone), Florence O’Brien (Hostess), Harold A. Garrison (Brown), Jessie Cryer (Dawson), Napoleon ‘Nappie’ Whiting (Chauffeur), Jessie Brooks (Door man), Ida Coffin (Hat check girl), Nathan Curry (Farmer), Millie Monroe (First waitress), Louise Franklyn (Second waitress), Lucille Battles (Third waitress), Aranelle Harris (Fourth waitress), Monty Hawley (Masher)
Vernon McCalla (First man guest), Harry Levette (First man diner), Henry Hastings (Uncle Ezra’s ghost), Florence Field (Mrs. Ezra’s ghost), John Lester Johnson (First ghost), Eddie Thompson (Second ghost), Leonard Christmas (Third ghost).


After being ordered by a judge to get out of town, Washington Delaware Jones and his pal Jefferson hit the road in search of a new home. While traveling, they come across a wealthy man named Brown, stranded on a country road because his car has run out of gas. While Brown’s chauffeur is off looking for gas, Washington and Jefferson engage Brown and his friend Dawson in a dice game. After winning all of Dawson’s and Brown’s money, Washington and Jefferson take their car and instruct the chauffeur to drive them to Dr. Brutus Blake’s Sanitarium and Country Club. When Washington and Jefferson arrive at Blake’s elegant but crooked establishment, Blake thinks that they are rich and plans to fleece them in a fixed crap game. Later, when Blake sees Washington dancing with the hostess, he gets jealous and picks a fight with him. The hostess reminds Blake that Washington and Jefferson are wealthy and that he needs their money. While Washington and Jefferson are graciously escorted into Blake’s gambling room, the ghosts of Blake’s dead relatives discuss their regret at having bequeathed the place to him. Because they feel that Blake has turned the sanitarium into a sinful place, the ghosts send the ghost of Ezra Dewey, Blake’s uncle, to straighten out the situation. The invisible Ezra arrives at the sanitarium just as Blake has lost the sanitarium in a bet to Washington and Jefferson. Much to the dismay of the ghosts, the sanitarium under the management of Washington and Jefferson remains a sinful place. Ezra is now joined by the other ghosts in his effort to rid the property of all the noise and sinful activity. Meanwhile, Blake and his partner Blackstone make plans to regain control of the sanitarium by having the sheriff arrest Washington and Jefferson on trumped-up charges. The scheme is soon thwarted by Ezra, who overhears the plans and spooks Blake by telling him that his dead relatives are ashamed of him. The ghosts then scare away Jefferson, Washington and other guests by haunting the sanitarium. After handing over their dice and money to a piano-playing skeleton, Washington and Jefferson run away.

Lucky Ghost


Lucky Ghost is a follow-up to the 1940 Buell film Mr. Washington Goes to Town, which also starred Mantan Moreland and F. H. Miller and featured the characters “Brutus Blake” and “Blackstone.”  Lucky Ghost was originally titled Lady Luck. Source: TCM.

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