Jungle Fever

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Release Date:   2/4/20; Blu-Ray (Original Theatrical Release Date:  6/7/91)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  R
Director:  Spike Lee
Studio(s):   Universal Pictures, 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks,
Running Time:  132 mins.

Cast:   Wesley Snipes (Flipper Purify), Annabella Sciorra (Angie Tucci), Spike Lee (Cyrus), Ossie Davis (The Good Reverend Doctor Purify), Ruby Dee (Lucinda Purify), Samuel L. Jackson (Gator Purify), Lonette McKee (Drew Purify), John Turturro (Paulie Carbone), Frank Vincent (Mike Tucci), Anthony Quinn (Lou Carbone), Halle Berry (Vivian), Tyra Ferrell (Orin Goode), Veronica Webb (Vera), Michael Imperioli (James Tucci), Nicholas Turturro (Vinny), Michael Badalucco  (Frankie Botz), Debi Mazar (Denise), Tim Robbins (Jerry). Brad Dourif (Leslie), Theresa Randle (Inez).


Story:  A married black lawyer named Flipper (Wesley Snipes) begins an affair with Angie (Annabella Sciorra), his white secretary. When the news is leaked through an acquaintance, Flipper’s wife (Lonette McKee) kicks him out of the house. Flipper decides to begin courting his mistress, only to be greeted by disapproval from friends, family and even strangers. The relationship continues to be strained in a society not ready to accept it, and people are hurt during the course of the romance.  In the end, Flipper tells Angie that the relationship was  based on sexual racial myths and not love, but Angie does not agree.  Source(s):  Google, IMDB, Wikipedia, tvovermind.com, bam.org, Slantmagazine.com.



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