29 Days Of Black History – Day 27: Southside With You

Release Date:  8/26/16
Genre:  Biography/Romance
Rating:  PG-13
Running Time:  84 mins.
Studio(s):  IM Global, State Street Pictures
Director:  Richard Tanne

Parker Sawyers as Barack Obama

Tika Sumpter as Michelle Robinson
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Marian Robinson
Phillip Edward Van Lear as Fraser C. Robinson
Deanna Reed-Foster as Bernadette
Jerod Haynes as Tommy
Gabrielle Lott-Rogers as Rafiqa
Tom McEloryn as Avery Goodman
Taylar Fondren as Janice
Donn Carl Harper as Curtis
Preston Tate, Jr. as Kyle

Story:  Set in 1989, Harvard Law School student Barack Obama, while working as a summer associate at a Chicago law firm, tries to win the heart of Michelle Robinson, a young lawyer and his supervisor at the firm.  Filling time before a community meeting, they visit an Ernie Barnes exhibit at a local art center, attend a community organizing meeting where Obama gives a speech, view a screening of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, and have their first kiss outside an ice cream parlor in what winds up being their first date.  Source(s): The Chicago Tribune: The Wrap.


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