The Sport Of The Gods

Release Date:  4/23/1921
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Director:  Henry J. Vernot
Studio(s):  Reol Productions Corp.
Running Time:  Unknown
Black & White

Cast:  Elizabeth Boyer (Kitty Hamilton), Edward R. Abrams (Jim Skaggs), George Edward Brown (Joe Hamilton), Leon Williams (Berry Hamilton), Lucille Browne (Fannie Hamilton), Lindsay J. Hall (Maurice Oakley), Jean Armour (Julia Oakley), Stanley Walpole (Francis Oakley), Walter Thomas (Thomas), Lawrence Chenault (Sadness), Ruby Mason (Mrs. Jones), Edna Morton (Hattie Sterling).

Story:  The story deals with a Black man who is unjustly sent to prison to save the reputation of his white employer’s son, a gambler.  His wife, son and daughter, move to New York rather to escape the scorn and gossip of their neighbors in Virginia. The son associates with evil companions and the daughter becomes a singer in an underworld cabaret where her character is placed in jeopardy. The mother, having been convinced that a prison sentence is the same as a divorce, is persuaded to marry a man who has schemed to get her money. The husband is finally released from jail after the real criminal confesses and he goes to New York to join his family, only to find his wife married. After numerous complications, all ends well.

Notes:  Based on the novel The Sport of the Gods by Paul Lawrence Dunbar.  Source(s):  TCM;

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