The Affair

Release Date:  10/14/1995
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  R
Director:  Paul Seed
Studio(s):   Black Tuesday Films, HBO Pictures, Home Box Office (HBO)
Running Time:  105 mins.

Cast:  Courtney B. Vance (Travis Holloway), Kerry Fox (Maggie Leyland), Ciarán Hinds (Edward Leyland), Leland Gantt (Barrett), Ned Beatty (Colonel Banning), Bill Nunn (Sgt. Rivers).

Story:   Black American troops stationed in war-torn England prepare to fight the Germans in Europe.

One soldier, Travis befriends Maggie, an English woman whose husband, Edward, is fighting overseas. Lonely and confused by her husband’s infidelities, Maggie soon finds comfort in the arms of Travis.

When Edward suddenly returns home from battle, he discovers his wife’s secret romance which unleashes his rage and fuels his desire for punishment and retaliation. In a time of war, punishment can be swift and revenge can be taken regardless of the law. As a result, Travis finds himself on trial for his life. The only way Travis can be saved is if Maggie betrays her husband, their family and the world they have built together.

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