Book Of Numbers

Release Date:  4/11/1973
Genre:  Drama/Crime
Rating:  R
Director:  Raymond St. Jacques
Studio(s):  Brut Productions, AVCO Embassy Pictures
Running Time:  81 mins.

Cast:  Raymond St. Jacques, Philip Michael Thomas, Freda Payne, Hope Clarke, Willie Washington, Jr., D’Urville Martin, Doug Finell, Sterling St. Jacques, C. L. Williams, Jerry Leon, Gilbert Green, Irma P. Hall.

Story:  Blueboy Harris and Dave Green are struggling to make a living as waiters in the deep South during the Depression.  They assess their options and decide that there’s more money to be made on the shadier side of the law, so they set up a numbers racket.  It proves to have been the right decision and things are going smoothly for them until a white crime boss finds out about their success which leads to struggles with the mafia, the KKK and a corrupt police force.  Source(s):;


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