Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!

Release Date:  4/14/21 – Series Premiere; Netflix
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:   TV-PG
Directors:  Ken Whittingham, Bentley Kyle Evans, Robin Strickland
Studio(s):  CBS Television Studios, Netflix
Cast:  Jamie Foxx, Kyla-Drew, David Alan Grier, Porscha Coleman, Jonathan Kite, Heather Hemmens, Valente Rodriguez.

Story:  Jamie Foxx plays Brian Dixon, a single dad and cosmetics brand owner who figures out fatherhood on the fly when his strong-minded teen daughter, Sasha (Kyla-Drew) moves in with him.  The comedy is inspired by Jamie’s relationship with his own daughter, Corinne Foxx. Both are executive producers on the show.  Source(s):  IMDB;


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