The Kings of Napa

Status:  Announced
Genre:  Drama
Director:  Matthew A. Cherry (first two episodes)
Studio(s):  Warner Bros. Television, Harpo Films
Cast:  Ebonee Noel, Karen LeBlanc, Yaani King Mondschein, Rance Nix.

Story:  The Kings of Napa is an upcoming drama from Janine Sherman Barrois for the Oprah Winfrey Network. The series is centered on the power struggle between the wealthy vineyard-owning King siblings in idyllic and picturesque Napa Valley. The aspirational African American family’s line of business has granted them the type of status that lands them in design magazines and on society pages. The wine business has brought the Kings success and acclaim, but following their patriarch’s sudden departure from the company, the three siblings must grapple for the reigns to the grape kingdom and acquire their own power.

Ebonee Noel will play the role of August King, the middle King sibling and the family’s brilliant marketing whiz who is passionate about vino and is always looking for new ways to expand the business. Karen LeBlanc will portray Vanessa King, the matriarch of the King family who gave up her career as a news reporter to help run King Estate Wines and has a seemingly picture-perfect marriage with her husband, Reginald. Yanni King Mondschein will play the role of Bridgette Peele, August’s cousin and right-hand who works as the winery’s manager. Rance Nix will portray Dana King, August’s older brother and the savvy CFO of the vineyard.

Production will begin later in 2021 for an early 2022 premiere on OWN.  Source(s):

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