Original Release Date:  7/18/86
Genre:   Comedy/Horror
Rating:  R
Director:  Richard Wenk
Studio(s):  New World Pictures, Balcor Film Investors
Running Time:  93 mins.
Grace Jones as Katrina
Chris Makepeace as Keith
Robert Rusler as AJ
Dedee Pfeiffer as Allison/Amaretto
Gedde Watanabe as Duncan
Billy Drago as Snow
Sandy Baron as Vic
Lisa Lyon as Cimmaron


Story:  Keith and AJ decide to hire a stripper to buy their way into a college fraternity.  In order to scope out the strip clubs, they borrow a car from lonely rich student Duncan, who insists on coming with them. The three boys go to a club in a shady part of town and are impressed by stripper Katrina.  AJ visits her dressing room to try and convince her to come perform for their college party. Katrina seduces AJ, then kills him with a fatal bite to the neck.

Keith gets concerned about his friend’s delay and with assistance from a waitress named Amaretto, he searches the neighborhood.  He and Amaretto get separated while trying to escape from both a psychotic street gang and from vampires. While hiding in a dumpster, Keith finds AJ’s discarded body, but when he calls the police and returns to the club to accuse the owners, the vampires bring AJ back to the club as one of the undead.  AJ confesses to Keith that he is vampire and after realizing that Keith will not kill him an unhappy, AJ stakes himself with a piece of broken furniture.

Keith, Amaretto, and Duncan flee the club, but their car is rammed by vehicles driven by vampires. After escaping, Keith and Amaretto realize that Duncan has been turned into a vampire, and they leave him in a burning car. They attempt to escape through the sewers where they discover and burn a nest of vampires, but Amaretto is grabbed and held hostage by Katrina.

When an arrow to the face and a stake made out of a pipe to the chest fail to stop Katrina, Keith kills her by opening a grate, allowing the sunlight to destroy her. But before they can escape to the surface, they are trapped by Katrina’s vampire consort, who is staked from behind by a revived AJ.

AJ sheepishly admits that the stake he tried to kill himself with was actually a piece formica.  As Keith and Amaretto climb to the surface and into the daylight, AJ remains in the sewers deciding whether he will go to night school or work a job on a graveyard shift.  Sources:  Wikipedia; IMDB.  Photo Source(s):  Pintrest; IMDB.

Movie Clip:

Spirit Lost

Original Release Date:  3/25/1996
Genre:   Horror
Rating:   R
Director:  Neema Barnette
Studio(s):  The Black Entertainment Network, United Image Entertainment, Artisan Home Entertainment.
Running Time:  90 mins.

Cast:   Cynda Williams (Arabella), Leon (John), Regina Taylor (Willie), Tamara Tunie (Anne), Juanita Jennings (Vera), James Avery (Dr. Glidden).

Story:  John Chapman and his beautiful wife Willie have just moved into a seaside village on the North Carolina coast.  But they quickly discover that their quaint new house already has a long-standing tenant.  Built 200 years ago by a philandering sea captain, the house is residence to the spirit of Arabella, an abandoned lover with an insatiable, centuries-old lust and a viciously jealous nature.  Spirit Lost welcomes you to the dark side of Ghost – an erotic tale of the supernatural.  Source(s):  Video Detective;



His House

Release Date:  10/30/2020; Netflix
Genre:  Horror
Rating:   TV-14
Director:   Remi Weekes
Studio(s):  Netflx, Regency Enterprizes, BBC Films, New Regency Productions, Vertigo Entertainment, Starchild Pictures
Running Time:  93 mins.

Cast:  Sope Dirisu (Bol Majur), Wunmi Mosaku (Rial Majur), Malaika Wakoli-Abigaba (Nyagak), Matt Smith (Mark Essworth), Javier Botet (The Witch).

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Story:  Bol and Rial are refugees fleeing with their daughter, Nyagak, from war-torn South Sudan. They cross stormy waters on an overcrowded motorboat, along with fellow refugees travelling across the perilous English Channel in search of a better life. Although they survive the treacherous crossing, their daughter and many others do not.  Three months later Bol and Rial are released from a detention center by British officials and assigned a home on a probationary basis.  Bol can barely hide his glee but Rial is unmoved.  The shabby house is located in a low-income suburb on the outskirts of London, with peeling walls and dismal furnishings. They are given strict restrictions or they may face deportation. In addition, they experience racism and hatred from their tenement neighbors.

Bol tries to assimilate but Rial, however, clings to their culture. Both Bol and Rial soon experience strange and disturbing phenomena in their new home, and see visions of Nyagak.  Rial doesn’t take long to work out what the evil in their house is: an apeth or “night witch”. She tells Bol the story of a poor man in her village who accidentally stole from an apeth by the river. When the thief built his home, the apeth moved in with him and haunted him. Rial believes that an apeth has followed them and if they repay their debt, the apeth will bring Nyagak back to them. Bol burns everything they brought with them, but the apeth continues to torment him and things deteriorate between the couple. Rial tells Bol that she wants to leave. Bol locks Rial in the house before he summons the apeth himself, who calls him a thief and claims that Bol has stolen a life that was not his to take.

Rial manages to escape the house but somehow she’s back in South Sudan.  She flashes back to a class room and sees old friends, who are revealed to be victims of a massacre. Rial survived by hiding until Bol finds her and they escape as violence grips the region.  The bus they need to board will only let people with children on. Desperate, Bol sees Nyagak in the crowd and abducts her, falsely claiming that she is their daughter. The couple get on the bus and escape, leaving Nyagak’s real mother running behind the bus, as gunfire erupts. Having accepted what they did to Nyagak which resulted in her death at sea, Bol decides to repay the debt to the apeth lets the apeth into his skin. Nyagak enters the room and returns to Rial. Rial chooses to save Bol instead of accepting this alternate reality, by slitting the apeth’s throat.

Bol and Rial decide to stay in their new home and to go on with the ghosts of their past, including Nyagak.  Sources:;; Wikipedia; IMDB.  Photo Source(s):  IMDB.