Countdown to Halloween: Boo!

You’ve Been Chosen

Year of Release:  2018
Genre:  Horror/Mystery
Rating:  NR
Runtime:  91 mins.
Studio(s):   Midland Entertainment
Director:  Luke Jaden


Jaden Piner (Caleb), Rob Zabrecky (James), Aurora Perrineau (Morgan), Jill Marie Jones (Elyse), Charley Palmer Rothwell (Ashton), Dwight Henry (Memphis).


A torn suburban family refuses to heed the warning of an innocent prank left upon them, releasing an unknown supernatural force to wreak havoc.

Boo! starts with an innocuous prank note, popular with kids to share with their friends at Halloween.  In Detroit Halloween 1980, a man carries the mysterious chain letter.  The unnamed character disappears into his house, terrified. Once inside he is caught up in a furious cataclysm of light and sound, culminating in his apparent off-screen suicide.

Back in present day, the same note and a mysterious package are left on the doorstep of a family having breakfast.  The note reads:

You’ve Been Boo-ed!
The air is cool, the season is Fall
Soon Halloween will come to all,
Terror and horror, spooks galore
Tricky witches are at your door.
The spooks are looking for things to do
In fact, one bought this boo to you.
Excitement comes and ghouls like you
Copy this note and make it through.

Parents, James and Elyse are struggling to keep their family together.  James is a religious zealot who is blind to his family’s needs and dismisses anything that does not a line up with his ideology.  A child from Elyse’s past that she could not save haunts her. Besides their marital problems the other members of the family also contribute to the instability of the home with their own internal conflicts. Morgan, a teenager, battling with the thoughts of her own extinction, wonders if it would matter to anyone. The youngest son, Caleb, systematically strings together his repressed fears and emotions in an artistic representation of hellish inventions.  The two children with their formidable concerns go unnoticed by their parents who are oblivious to their own children’s suffering. By not passing along the chain letter, the evil inside the house flourishes while the family battles their internal demons. The family must band together in order to stop the unimaginable terror.  Source(s):  Black Girl Nerds; Film Threat.