90 Minutes Of The Fever

90 Minutes of the Fever
Status:  Post-Production
Release Date:  2015 (Tentative)
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time:  Unknown
Studio(s):  90 Minutes of the Fever, Make It Happen Entertainment.
Director:  Michael Sean Hall

Cast:  Glenn Plummer (Clarence McGhee, Sr.), Marcus Paulk (Clarence, Jr.), Parker McKenna Posey (Crystal), Ski Carr (Uncle Glenn), Cristian Fagins (Evan), Marie-Francoise Theodore (Carmen), Stewart Flores (Marco).

Story:  One family’s long kept secrets boil to the surface while they are trapped in a house as the end of the world seemingly approaches…

It’s Jackpot Sunday, and the countdown is on as California is preparing to shell out the biggest jackpot in U.S. history to this year’s lucky winner: one billion dollars.

Clarence Sr. and his family, the McGee’s, a middle class African-American family, are at home for a BBQ awaiting the big announcement. Clarence Sr. is sure he’s tonight’s winner…just like he’s been every Sunday for the past 10 years. As the lottery numbers are being picked, the telecast is interrupted by an emergency broadcast system alerting the country that martial law has suddenly been enacted nationwide.

A mysterious computer virus has taken over the phones, the radio, and the Internet, replacing every airwave with a ticking countdown that starts at 90 minutes.

Things get even more confusing when the McGee’s brother-in-law, bloody and bruised, comes to them with reports of something coming… Something so horrific that he can’t even speak about what he witnessed; only that he knows it’s coming for them all.

As chaos ensues on the outside, the McGee’s once peaceful home turns into a pressure cooker. Long-held family secrets and lies rise to the surface, culminating into the devastating truth that’s revealed as the clock ticks down to zero. Source(s): IMDB, 90minutesofthefever.com, official site.

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