In The Depths of Our Hearts

Year of Release: 1920
Genre:  Drama
Rating: N/A
Runtime: Unknown
Black & White
Studio: Royal Garden Film Company
Producer: Unknown
Director: Unknown

Herman DeLavalade
Augusta Williams
Irene Conn
Virgil Williams
Charles Allen

The mother of a light-skinned Black family raises her children to avoid the company of dark-skinned Blacks. The son, who has a dark-skinned sweetheart, rebels, and his mother sends him away to his uncle’s farm. When he is mistreated, he flees to the city. Later the boy returns home, a prosperous man, and meets up with his former love. In the end he manages to show his mother the error of her ways. Source: TCM.

This film is considered lost.

2 thoughts on “In The Depths of Our Hearts

  1. Would like to see this film or even excerpts. Any information would be greatly appreciated

    • Wesley, unfortunately both these films are believed to be lost, meaning they are no longer known to exist in any studio or public archives or in any private collection. Sadly many films made during this era are no longer available for viewing because they have been destroyed either intentionally or through improper storage methods.

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