Year of Release: 1920
Genre: Drama
Rating: N/A
Runtime:  Not Available
Black & White
Studio: The Loyalty Film Company (f/k/a Democracy Film Corporation)
Director: Captain Leslie T. Peacocke

Sidney P. Dones (Carter Spencer)
Geraldine Steele (Clarice Penlow)

Carter Spencer has a taste for flirtation, gambling and drinking. He falls in love with choir singer, Clarice Penlow, who disapproves of his wild ways. At the onset of prohibition, Clarice urges Carter to become a Secret Service agent to enforce the new law and he complies out of love.

The Loyalty Film Co, formerly the Democracy Film Co., included both Whites and Blacks in its management and produced films with Black casts. It is unclear whether this film, its second production, was ever completed or released. Source(s): TCM.

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