An En Vogue Christmas

An En Voge Christmas Release Date: 11/22/14 (Lifetime TV)
Genre: Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  90 mins.
Studio:  Original Pictures, Marvista Entertainment
Director:  Brian K. Roberts

Cast:  Genelle Williams, David Alan Grier (Marty), Christopher Russell (Rick), Rhona Bennett, Cindy Herron, Ashanti Bromfield (Saige), Terry Ellis, Daren A. Herbert (Vaughn).

Story:  R&B singing group En Vogue will star as themselves in a holiday film about “getting back together” and performing.  An En Vogue Christmas will feature both EV classics and two new tunes.

Over the years, the funky divas of En Vogue have gone their separate ways, until they are asked to perform a benefit concert to save the club that made them stars. They put aside their hesitations to reunite for the special night, but first must overcome their challenging history with Marty their former manager and the man responsible for breaking them up. In the spirit of the holidays, the ladies find forgiveness and come together for an epic En Vogue Christmas concert to keep the club from closing its doors forever. Source(s): IMDB, Talk of DC. Photo Source: Talk of DC.

See what the critics are saying about this film at Critics’ Connection.


2 thoughts on “An En Vogue Christmas

  1. This looks like it might actually be a good film. It has a good cast at least. I’ll have to check it out when it comes on!

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