Enter The Dominion

Enter the Dominion

Release Date 1/27/15 (DVD); 9/28/13
Genre:  Thriller
Rating:  NR
Running Time: 96 mins.
Studio:  Maverick Entertainment
Director: Jason Gourdine
Cast:  Dylan Christian (Jonathan Zander), Nicholas Gourdine (Sheldon Marcus), Pastelle Perry (Veronica Nettles)

Story:  Media giant Jonathan Zander is known for his take no prisoners business attitude. Under suspicion, Zander must find a new, trustworthy person for his organization. When he meets the talented, yet socially challenged, Sheldon Marcus, he finds the perfect tool to funnel his next business deal through. The effects of this deal could cause damage, but he will stop at nothing to increase his profits. After leaving a life of mediocrity, Sheldon must decide if he will participate in the deconstruction of society or attempt take down one of the most connected and dangerous business moguls in the world. Source: Maverick Entertainment.


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