Knock ‘em Dead

Knock 'em DeadRelease Date:  1/13/15 (DVD);
6/1/2014 (Limited Release)
Genre:  Comedy
Rating:  TV-MA
Running Time:  93 mins.
Studio:  Rapid Heart Pictures
Director:  David DeCoteau

Cast:  Rae Dawn Chong (Jenny), Candice Coke (Dee Dee), Preston Davis (Tommy), Jackée Harry (Savannah), Anne-Marie Johnson (Alex), Debra Wilson (Darien), Christopher Judge (Freddy), Omarosa Manigault (Eva Lang), Phil Morris (Harley).

Story:  Three rival actresses and their crew, desperate and hating each other, reunite for a horror movie sequel when someone starts killing them off just like in their movie. Sources: Amazon, IMDB.


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