Beautiful Destroyer

a/k/a Interludes 2; Interludes II: Beautiful Destroyer

Beautiful Destroyer

Release Date 12/7/15 (In Theaters)
Genre:  Drama/Thriller
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time: 115 mins.
Studio: Dorrah Films
Director(s): Christopher Dorrah, Tracy Wren

Cast:  Numa Perrier (Leigh), Christopher Dorrah (Jake), Tahiry Jose (Sare), Alayeah Joisanne (Zee), Vivienne Powell (Victoria), Bivas Biswas (Greg).

Story:  Jake Morrison is a dedicated and respected criminal psychiatrist trained to help individuals cope with traumatic events in their lives. In one of his most bizarre cases, Jake finds himself going down a road that he never imaged traveling. It’s through intense and mind boggling sessions that he discovers a common trait that he and his psychotic patient unknowingly share. The NYPD’s newest in-mate, Leigh, is a woman scarred by a devastating childhood. She witnesses the brutal murder of her mother by the hands of a woman that raised her. Victoria is a ruthless Drug Lord that forces Leigh into living a life ruled by lies, betrayal, and murder. It’s only when Leigh meets Greg that she begins to understand the true meaning of love, but it appears to be too late. When she realizes that her criminal life has robbed her of any chance of true happiness is when she goes into a fit of rage. It’s only through elimination and confinement that she is finally able to escape from a tormented life. Meanwhile, Jake is so engrossed with his personal life that he has a difficult time separating fantasy from reality. He is at odds with his wife Sare and painfully struggles to mend the pieces together in his personal life and he will stop at nothing to regain what has been lost. Jake eventually finds himself forced to make an emotional decision that will change the course of his life forever. It’s both the psychiatrist and patient’s real life events that send them to a point of no return. Source: Official Facebook page.


One thought on “Beautiful Destroyer

  1. Tahiry Jose is in this??? I got to check this out. I know she’s beautiful….but can she act?? We shall

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