City of Vultures

a/k/a Vulture City

City of Vultures

Release Date:  2/9/16; DVD (2015)
Genre:  Drama
Rating: NR
Running Time:  97 mins.
Studio(s):  My Dream Entertainment; Uncork’d Entertainment
Director:  Marcus Carothers
Cast:  Marcus Carothers, Turion Wilson, Guadalís Del Carmen.
Story:  Inside an impoverished community in Chicago, Marcus, an ex-convicted felon returns from prison after eight years 0f incarceration. A product of a failed family structure, Marcus, like so many others in his community, functioned under a street-code of savagery. The “Gangster Disciples” governed the territories, and as a former member he lived in ongoing regret of the mob-related acts that led him to prison.

His determination to fit into common society is partnered with his first love, Shonna. Once a sheltered young lady of stern upbringing, Shonna experienced atrocities as a pre-teen which later led to promiscuity and prostitution. Marcus’s release from prison was her breath of hope.

They reunite on a quest to bury their darkened past and experience the fruits of the American Dream by escaping the realm of Chicago city streets.  Sources:  Amazon; IMDB.



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