The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story

The Real MVP The Wanda Durant Story

Release Date:  5/7/16; Lifetime
Genre:  Drama/Biography
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  Unknown
Director:  Nelson George

Cast:  Daniel Bellomy (Kevin Durant), Cassandra Freeman (Wanda Durant), Romuald Hivert (Joel), Tracie Thoms (Demetria), Pauletta Washington (Barbara).

Story:  Basketball great Kevin Durant of The Oklahoma City Thunder captured the hearts of the nation when he accepted the 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player Award with his emotional speech crediting all of his success to his mother, Wanda, naming her “the real MVP.”

Executive produced by Queen Latifah and her Flavor Unit team, the inspiring true story of The Real MVP begins with Wanda, a single mom of two by the time she was 21, working tirelessly to make ends meet and put a roof over the heads of her young sons. With the support of her mother and her best friend, Wanda focused all her energy on keeping her boys out of trouble and on the basketball court, selflessly putting aside her own dreams and desires to make sure their goals could be achieved. Her hard work paid off as her son Tony earned basketball scholarships and graduated from college while Kevin pursued his dream of playing in the NBA.  Source:


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