72 Hours:  A Brooklyn Love Story?

72 Hours - A Brooklyn Love StoryRelease Date:  6/2/16; L. A. Film Festival
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  81 mins.
Director:  Raafi Rivero
Studio:   Reel Works Teen Filmmaking
Cast:   Melvin Mogoli (Ceasar), Andrea-Rachel Parker (Kaia), Erinn Westbrook (Jazz), Bilal Ndongo (Bilal), David S. Shaw (Lamik), Enrique Miller (Nando), Khadim Diop (Louis D).
Story:  Eighteen-year-old Caesar Winslow is ambitious, restless and conflicted about leaving his community for a prestigious academic scholarship. Caesar’s confidence tumbles into crisis when his longtime sweetheart calls him out on his wandering ways and decides to pursue her own amorous diversions. Caesar may have swagger for days, but girls still know what’s what. Over the next 72 hours, Caesar and his crew navigate the tribulations of love-struck youth amidst the parkways of a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn.  Source:  L. A. Film Festival.

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