Like Cotton Twines

Like Cotton Twines stillRelease Date:   6/2/16; L. A. Film Festival
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  96 mins.
Director:  Leila Djansi
Studio:   Turning Point Pictures

Cast Jay Ellis (Micha Brown), Miranda Bailey (Allison Dean), Ophelia Klenam Dzidzornu (Tuigi), Yvonne Okoro (Sarah), David Dontoh (Father Baani), Luckei E. Lawson (Ajovi).

Story:  Micah, an American volunteer who takes a teaching job in a remote Ghanaian village, has great expectations for his mother’s homeland.  He is enthusiastic and eager to help his students fulfill their potential, especially Tuigi, a bright 13-year-old girl. But Tuigi’s family must atone for a deadly accident committed by her father and, according to religious custom, Tuigi must abandon her education and be offered as a sex slave.  Clinging to his Western moral senses, Micah pits himself in a battle against tribal culture and the state.  Source:  L. A. Film Festival.

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