The Execution of Nigel Harris

The Execution of Nigel HarrisRelease Date:   2/1/17; In Theaters
Genre:   Drama
Rating:  Unknown
Running Time:  Unknown
Director:  Lamont Pierre
Studio:   El Cee Productions
Cast:   Skipper Elekwachi (Nigel Harris), Vanessa Simmons (Rebecca Winters, rumored), Crystal-Lee Naomi (Allison Winters), Jillian Rea (Mary), Cherie Johnson (Kim), Towanda Braxton (Parole Officer Lisa Harrington).

Story:   A convicted sex offender released from prison moves back to his hometown. He begins a sexual relationship with Allison, a petty prostitute. His world is further complicated when his former high school sweetheart Rebecca learns of Nigel’s criminal past and leads a deadly campaign to get Nigel ousted from the small town. The story examines the labels and stereotypes normally associated with being a victim.  Source:  Official Facebook Page; IMDB.


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