Straight Outta Oakland

a/k/a Set Me Free

Straight Outta Oakland

Release Date:   7/5/16; DVD (2014)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  116 mins.
Director:  Marcus D. Spencer
Studio:   Touch the Heart Productions, Touch The Heart Production Studios, eOne Entertainment.
Cast:  Skipper Elekwachi (Keith), Alan Walker (Korey), Alphonso Thompson, (Kevin), Marcus D. Spencer (Kenny).
Story:  Four best friends living in Oakland battling their own mental bondage. Keith (Elekwachi) is an upcoming rapper but can’t get a deal without a demo. He has trust issues, abandoned by the person he was supposed to be able to trust the most, his mother. All the family he has left is his cousin, Korey (Walker). Willing to do whatever it takes to make it, he goes looking for a music deal and ends up with more than he could ever imagine. Korey is the pretty boy of the bunch who has no idea which way to go. He is studying for his GED and selling drugs for local big shot Kevin (Thompson). Can he focus enough to complete his goal? Kevin is very smart and cunning but angry. He really just wants to be accepted. Kevin’s abusive father is dying and Kevin becomes his caregiver in hopes that his father will finally love him. Can he heal from all the pain and make smart decisions? Kenny (Spencer), the voice of reason, who can’t seem to follow his own advice is about to graduate from college. A full-time dad to his step-daughter and in a relationship where love and respect is hard to come by. These four all have to learn to be set free from the imprisonment that is holding them back.  Source:  Official site; Facebook.


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