9 Rides

9 RidesRelease Date:  8/7/16; Blackstar Film Festival (2015)
Genre:  Drama
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  86 mins.
Director:  Matthew A. Cherry
Studio(s):   Cherry Entertainment, Datari Turner Productions, J Caldwell Productions, Twice Told Films.

Cast:  Dorian Missick (Driver), Omar Dorsey (Uber Pool Man), Robinne Lee (Girlfriend), Xosha Roquemore (Hipster Woman), Amin Joseph (Friend), Skye P. Marshall (Abused Woman), Thomas Q. Jones (Abusive Man), Tracie Thoms (Fiancee), Aasha Davis (Flirty Woman), Sujata Day (Sleepy Woman).

Story:  An Uber driver clocks in to work on New Year’s Eve, the busiest night of the year. The night takes him all across the city as he transports nine different groups of  passengers who help him come to terms with life changing news.  Source(s):  sxsw.com.

Teaser Trailer: