Roxanne Roxanne

roxanne-roxanne-stillRelease Date:   1/22/17; Sundance Film Festival
Genre:  Drama/Biography
Rating:  NR
Running Time:  100 mins.
Director:  Michael Larnell
Studio(s):   Forest Whitaker’s Significant Productions, IamOTHER Entertainment.
Cast:  Chanté Adams (Roxanne Shanté), Mahershala Ali (Cross), Nia Long (Ms. Peggy Gooden), Elvis Nolasco (Ray), Jermel Howard (Roland), Eden Duncan-Smith (Latifa), Tonye Patano (Ms. Denise), Sean Ringgold (Keith), Taliyah Whitaker (Young Roxanne Shanté).

Story:   Roxanne Roxanne will reportedly tell the story of female hip-hop trailblazer Roxanne Shante’s early beginnings in hip-hop as a fearless 14-year-old MC who set the rap world ablaze with the release of her “Roxanne’s Revenge” response record in reply to the UTFO single “Roxanne Roxanne,” in 1984.  The film will chronicle the infamous Roxanne Hip-Hop Wars that spawned as a result of the track and take viewers back to the early days of hip-hop culture in the ’80s.  The film is co-produced by Forest Whitaker. Source:  Essence.  Photo Source:


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