Undercover Brother 2

a/k/a Undercover Brother’s Brother

Release Date:  11/5/19; DVD & VOD
Genre:   Comedy
Rating:  R
Director:  Leslie Small
Studio(s):  Universal 1440 Entertainment, Hal Lieberman Company, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment (UPHE)
Running Time:  85 mins.

Cast:   Michael Jai White (Undercover Brother), Barry Bostwick (The Man), Gary Owen (Military Brother), Affion Crockett (Sarcastic Brother), Laila Odom (Chief Honey), Shiquita James (Club Patron), Lindsay Lamb (Iona), Isabelle Fretheim (Brenda Assassin).

Story:  A sequel to the 2002 comedy, Undercover Brother.  Undercover Brother 2 centers on the coolest spy in the game and his less-than-cool younger brother, Lionel.  Way back in 2002, the brothers were hot on the heels of The Man, the leader of a racist, worldwide syndicate known as The Organization. However, they got caught in an avalanche of oppressive, white snow, preventing them from finishing the mission.  Sixteen years later, they are discovered, thawed out, and set out to finish the job they started. With the help of The Brotherhood, an old foe, they must take on an even more dangerous threat to the black community and the world extreme “wokeness”.

The original Undercover Brother, directed by Malcolm D. Lee (Girls Trip, The Best Man), was a very modest success, bringing in $41 million at the box office.  Fronted by Eddie Griffin as the titular character with a cast that included Chris Kattan, Denise Richards, Dave Chappelle, Billy Dee Williams and Neil Patrick Harris, the send-up of the blaxploitation movies of the 70s managed to find something of a cult following in the ensuing years.  Source:  Movieweb.


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