Ghosting:  The Spirit of Christmas

a/k/a Ghosting


Release Date:  12/4/19; Freeform
Genre:   Holiday
Rating:  NR
Director:   Theresa Bennett
Studio(s):   Freeform, Is or Isn’t Entertainment, Midwest Livestock
Running Time:  Unknown

Cast:    Aisha Dee (Jess), Kimiko Glenn (Kara), Kendrick Sampson (Ben), Jazz Raycole (Mae), Missi Pyle (Chrissy), LisaGay Hamilton (Deb).

Story:   The protagonist Jess is a free-spirited young woman, who is content with her near-perfect life. However, destiny had different plans for her when she heads back from a rather pleasant first date.  Following her demise in a car accident, her spirit possesses the body of the man she went on a date with. The story revolves around the adventures and struggles of Jess’ unsettling spirit to achieve the ideal afterlife.  However, there’s more to this story! Jess’s friend Kara is the only one aware of the former’s presence even after her death, as she can see the spirit and even communicate with her. But will Kara be able to help Jess’ soul rest in peace with her New Age rituals and practices? Find out as the movie unveils the answer.  Source:

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