London Mitchell’s Christmas

Release Date:   12/6/19; Aspire TV
Genre:   Holiday/Drama
Rating:   R
Director:  Christopher Nolen
Studio(s):   Nferno Productions
Running Time:  90 mins.
Cast:   Aaron D. Spears (London Mitchell), Lisa Wu (Mercedes Mitchell), Taja V. Simpson (Chantal Kennard), Timon Kyle Durrett (Dr. McArthur), Adi Benson (Price Johnson), LaToya Ward (Dr. Hampton), Thea Camara (Mama Mitchell), Lisa Yaro (Asha Campbell), Justin Sweat (Will Mitchell), Tyler Abron (Deniece Deni Rourke).

Story:   London Mitchell who is known as a Scrooge has previously lived an unscrupulous lifestyle, by divorcing his wife, barely seeing his children, and dumping a woman a month before Christmas to be with somebody else. Suddenly, London becomes faced with a diagnosis of prostate cancer which forces him to rethink his total outlook on life during the Christmas holiday.  Source:  Aspire TV.



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