Nine Days

Release Date:   1/27/20; Sundance Film Festival
Genre:   Drama/Fantasy
Rating:   NR
Director:  Edson Oda
Studio(s):  Mandalay Pictures
Running Time:  110 mins.

Cast:  Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Benedict Wong, Bill Skarsgård, Tony Hale, David Rysdahl

Story:  What if being born is not the beginning but the goal? In a house distant from the reality we know, a reclusive man named Will interviews prospective candidates—personifications of human souls—for the privilege he once had: to be born. Five contenders emerge. During the course of nine days, Will tests each of them, but he can choose only one. The victor will be rewarded with a coveted opportunity to become a newborn in the real world, while the others will cease to exist—nine days is everything they’ll ever experience.  Source:  Sundance.