My Name Is Myeisha

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Release Date:   1/28/20; Blu-Ray (Original Release Date:  1/21/18)
Genre:   Drama
Rating:   NR
Director:  Gus Krieger
Studio(s):   EchoWolf Productions, Shout! Factory
Running Time:  82 mins.

Cast:   Rhaechyl Walker, John Merchant, Dominique Toney, Dee Dee Stephens, Rickerby Alexander Brown-Hinds.

Story:    My Name Is Myeisha is a hip-hop musical inspired by the 1998 police shooting of California teen Tyisha Miller (as well as countless other acts of police brutality against African American citizens) and adapted from the internationally acclaimed play, Dreamscape. At the moment of Myeisha’s death at the hands of police, she guides us inside her mind and muses over the life she will be leaving behind, told through hip-hop, spoken word poetry, and dance.

Most of My Name Is Myeisha takes place over a few seconds in the life of Myeisha (Rhaechyl Walker).  The young black woman is headed out with her friends (Dominique Toney and Dee Dee Stephens) when she falls asleep in a locked car.  When they’re unable to wake her, her friends call the police, and the unexpected — and sadly, seemingly inevitable — happens. With rap, spoken word and beat boxing, Walker and costar John Merchant expand the last minute of her life into fantasy, as Myeisha remembers who she was and what she loved.  Sources:  IMDB; L.A. Times.


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